The Earthbuilders’ Guild Committee on Ethics and Professional Practices

Since 2011, The Earthbuilders Guild (TEG) has taken a leadership role in regard to critical issues impacting the Earthbuilding Industry including the setting of ethical standards of practice for TEG members and TEG Certified Earthbuilding Practitioners. The future of earthen materials buildings is directly influenced by the quality of the services of the professionals in the field that will produce the best results and win the most allies.

The Board of Directors of TEG has adopted the following Code of Professional Ethics for members of TEG or those who achieve certification of earthbuilding skills through TEG. The Code of Ethics is applicable to builders, general contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, project managers, owner’s agents, educators, materials suppliers and materials producers whether individuals or institutions and their employees.

Code of Ethics for Professionals of Earthen Materials Buildings

  1. Client Service – I will serve my client with honesty, integrity, candor and objectivity. I will provide my service with competence, with reasonable care, with due diligence consistent with the interests of my client and within the applicable standards of norms, codes, standards and normally agreed upon methods of earthen construction.
  2. Representation of Qualifications and Availability – I will only accept assignments for which I am qualified by my education, training, professional experience and technical competence which may be indicated by but is not limited to Certification as an Earthbuilding Practitioner by The Earthbuilders Guild. I will only assign staff to projects in accordance with their qualifications and commensurate with the service to be provided. I will only make representations concerning my qualifications and availability that are truthful and accurate.
  3. Standards of Practice – I will furnish my services in a manner consistent with the established and accepted standards of my profession and with the laws, licensing procedures, codes and regulations that govern its practice.
  4. Fair Competition – I will represent my project experience accurately to my prospective clients and offer materials, services and staff that I am capable of delivering. I will develop my professional reputation on the basis of direct experience and service provided.  I will only engage in fair competition for assignments. I will not participate in bid shopping where bids from subcontractors to contractors or from contractors to clients are lowered after receiving unethical information regarding bid amounts of their competitors.
  5. Conflicts of Interest –  I will endeavor to avoid conflicts of interest and will disclose conflicts that in my opinion may impair my objectivity or integrity.
  6. Release of Information – I will only make statements that are truthful and I will keep information and records confidential when appropriate and protect the proprietary interests of my clients and professional colleagues.
  7. Fair Compensation –  I will negotiate fairly and openly with my clients and with those who provide services and materials to me in establishing a basis for compensation and I will charge fees and expenses or develop contractual documents that are reasonable and commensurate with the services to be provided and the responsibilities and risks to be assumed.
  8. Public Welfare – I will not discriminate in providing services on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.  I will not knowingly violate any law, statute or regulation in the performance of my professional services.
  9. Professional Development – I will continue to develop my professional knowledge and competency as an Earthen Materials Practitioner and I will contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge of Earthen Building Materials and Methods by fostering research and education myself or through the encouragement of fellow practitioners.
  10. Integrity of the Profession – I will avoid actions, which promote my own self-interest at the expense of my fellow practitioners in the Earthen Building Materials Industry, and I will uphold the standards of my profession with integrity and dignity.  I will not enter into any agreement that may be considered an act of collusion or conspiracy (bid rigging) with the implied or express purpose of defrauding a client. I will not participate in any acts such as the giving or receiving of gifts that are intended to be or may be construed to be acts of unlawful bribery.

Failure to comply with this Code – The Earthbuilders Guild may censure a member or terminate membership in the organization and/or revoke the Certification of Earthbuilding Skills of anyone failing to follow the Code of Ethics. This can be done by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of The Earthbuilders Guild.

August 15, 2012