TEG points to the original medieval meaning of the term “guild” as an association of persons in the same craft or trade who act to uphold standards and protect the members. TEG is also a501c(6) corporation registered in New Mexico as a Businesspersons’ League representing those who earn their livings either wholly or partly through Earthbuilding (adobe, compressed earth block, rammed earth, etc.) as contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, installers, architects, draftsfolk, etc. It’s purpose is to represent and promote the Earthen Construction Industry of New Mexico to the interested public, clarify misconceptions about Adobe, Compressed Earth Block and Rammed Earth and act as a volunteer, qualified interface with officials when building codes that may affect its members are written, adopted or modified. The National code change and adoption cycle is every three years. Thus, one of TEG’s duties is to anticipate and stay alert to new codes that are coming through the regulations pipeline that can affect its members. The TEG philosophy is to be proactive about code matters, as opposed to doing nothing and allowing the Earthen Building Codes to become obsolete or written by unqualified parties. TEG may also foster research into the structural or thermal suitability of native materials as well as hybrid and alternative wall systems that relate to Earthen and Passive Solar Construction.

What has TEG done?

Worked with code officials to write the NM Rammed Earth code which took ten years. It is the first “on the books” rammed earth code in USA.

Worked with code officials to write the NM Compressed Earth Block code, which took three years. It is the first “on the books” CEB code in the USA.

Has continued efforts to keep and expand energy codes that recognize and allow passive solar design and mass wall construction.

Has made Earthbuilding a visible trade to bureaucrats and politicians who would otherwise ignore or eliminate us when considering legislation or code changes. 

Has stimulated communication and unity among Earthbuilders.

Board of Directors

K. Ben Loescher, Chair

Pat Martinez Rutherford, Secretary

Helen Levine, Treasurer

Board Members

Ernest Aragon

Kurt Gardella

John Jordan

Rob Taylor

Jane Whitmire