The Earthbuilders’ Guild Board of Directors Meeting

May 20, 2020, via ‘Zoom’
Call to Order – 4:10 PM
Present: Pat Rutherford, Ben Loescher, John Jordan, Helen Levine, Jane Whitmire Not in attendance: Rob Taylor, Ernest Aragon, Kurt Gardella
Business Briefs
Minutes: Helen asked to adjust that Quentin ‘agreed to proctor test’
Approve minutes from March 14th meeting. Minutes approved with adjustment.

Schedule for 2020—June mudding at Taos church hasn’t been scheduled. Tentatively schedule another zoom meeting July 15, August 1st meeting in Las Vegas, NM. November meeting to be determined.

Treasurer’s Report—Helen – balance is $9675.59 with $375.52 to be deposited.

Membership Update—Pat sent out email – get numbers from that – 47 members with 5 renewals, two dropped. Pat sent note to Keaton at Vista Grande re membership status.

Website Update—Pat – March 627 users, April 375 users (not sure if problem or not – will compare to May). Facebook followers 1130 currently.

General Correspondence to TEG Pat– nothing of significance. Helen has letter from Chimayo Cultural Preservation Association regarding appreciation for donation.

Committee Reports

IBC Focus Committee – Ben – nothing meaningful in last two months. Meetings have been canceled due to Covid. Heard ICC may welcome assistance is writing adobe commentary.

Code Committee – John – will write up notes re how committee is structured and managed before next meeting.

Certification Committee— Helen – Exam postponed until September 25/26, 2020. Will assess at that point if to be postponed again or not. Ben will add to Facebook advertising for certification.

By-laws Review Committee – John – Will send out draft re committee structure clarification for discussion. Proposed rolling into same format as code committee and other committees. Will be done by next meeting.

Old Business

Newsletter – Pat – issue 9 was sent out May 1st with open rate of 44%. 329 sent, 10 bounce. Next issue would be August 1st if stay on same schedule. Pat may include article about past tour. Pat proposed including a story about projects a member is working on currently.

Advertising via FB – Ben – Discussed ‘Boost’ re certification testing. Rate based on whenever someone looks at ‘Boost’. Charges based on how many times people click on within time frame or total number of clicks. Proposed spending $20 for one time Boost. Voted and approved. Ben to produce and Pat will assist.

Logo update – Received more ideas from Jenny – committee will review, discuss further and make proposal to Board

Follow-up on ASTM standard for earthen floors – Ben – no meeting so not sure if there’s been any progress. California Straw Bale Assoc. didn’t have meeting so no new info. Will keep on agenda for follow up.

Follow up on Terra Sponsorship – Pat – Wrote and told them proposal was out of our reach. Letter of response said they would appreciate sponsorship at any level including volunteers. Pat suggested that TEG could afford to give $500 sponsorship. Pat will follow up to propose possible volunteer opportunities.

New Business

Website revamp – Pat – Per Helen – seems that agreement was to proceed with revamp and that Max’s fee is reasonable. Would include behind the scenes and how website looks, including new logo. John raised concern that there might be more to it than appeared on the surface and that updates be done in parallel with the current website so it can be ‘tested’ before being approved and installed. ‘Contract’ is for 15 hours (up to 20 hours) for website update. Proposed and approved.

TEG Accomplishments & Initiatives 2020 paper. – Pat – John asked that recognition for people in the industry be added, both Earthen Legends and Honorary Lifetime Memberships. Pat wants to send out as recruiting tool and to members to show what TEG has accomplished.

Discussion re setting up short Zoom to discuss particular situations. Meeting adjourned at 5:53