Minutes The Earthbuilders’ Guild

Board of Directors’ Meeting – Friday, July 17th, 2020 Meeting convened via Internet/Zoom
Call to order at 8:03 a.m.
Ben Loescher chairing the meeting

Attendance​ – Board members in attendance: Pat Rutherford, Helen Levine, John Jordan, Ben Loescher, Kurt Gardella, and Jane Whitmire. Rob Taylor joined later in the meeting. Not present: Ernest Aragon Member Guest: Kirk Higbee

Business briefs

– Multiple reports given by all attendees

Approval of minutes from 5/20/20 TEG Board meeting in Albuquerque, NM:

– Approved unanimously.

Next TEG Board meetings:

  • –  September 21st, 2020, at 8:00am Mountain Time, via Zoom.
  • –  2020 schedule of meetings are yet to be determined due to ongoing


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • –  $10,148.88 balance.
  • –  Upcoming expenses consist of the quarterly website maintenance cost.

    Membership Update:

– 46 Members, 5 renewals since last meeting/report, 1 member dropped: Vista Grande High School

Website report/update:

  • –  May 2020 484 visitors
  • –  June 2020 436 visitors Facebook Report​ :

– 1,308 Followers (up from 1,130 on May 19, 2020)

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General Correspondence:

Received an inquiry regarding architectural help.
Received an inquiry from a Mr. Jack Chavez regarding single family home plans and whether TEG members can help.

Committee Reports:

  • –  Helen suggested that the Santa Fe Community College Oversight Committee activities be added to the list of Committee Reports. Voted on and unanimously approved.
  • –  Jane reported that the NM CID may be reviewing the Energy Codes. Pat suggested that we reach out to Melanie @ NM Home Builders Assoc. to see if we can find out the details of this. John volunteered to do this. Will report back at the next meeting.

    SFCC Oversight Committee Report:

  • –  Primary mode of class participation will be online, but there is hope for a blended approach. Enrollment is low at this point.
  • –  Discussed the effort to add CEB course to the curriculum.

    IBC Committee Report:

  • –  No movement to report, most efforts are frozen due to Covid.
  • –  The Adobe Codes have been put into the process for incorporation.

    TEG Code Committee Report:

– The Code Committee is on hiatus. Will discuss in subsequent meetings.

Certification Committee Report:

– Test schedule will be kept as is, nothing else to report.

By-Laws Review Committee Report:

– By-Laws Committee is working towards modifications to the Committee creation, structure, attendance, and oversight verbiage. John will send out the initial version of this before the next meeting.

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New Business:

– It was brought up and discussed that TEG should perhaps have a more formal and regular approach for deciding on the funding requests from entities outside of TEG, such as the request to fund the Code Development effort.

o It was proposed that this should include parameters on the disbursement of funds, i.e. when to use the funds, results of the funding, etc.

o A motion to create a working group to establish grant request management was put forth, discussed, voted on and was unanimously approved. Jane, Helen, and Ben will start the ground work on this.

Old Business:

  • –  TEG Newsletter
    o Articles are due July 31st.
    o John – Ongoing testing at Sandia Labs.
    o Ben – Will come up with something.
    o Kurt – AIA report; earthen in Germany.
    o Kurt – will reach out to Simone Swan for an article.
  • –  Advertising via Facebook
    o Motion to approve expenditures for advertising, voted on and

    approved unanimously.

  • –  TEG Logo Project

    o Clarified our desires on the various options provided by Jenny and let her know what these are. Waiting on word back from Jenny once she reviews.

  • –  ASTM standard for earthen floors. Ben will check on the progress of this and report back.
  • –  Terra sponsorship. Waiting on feedback from that group regarding options for support and/or sponsorship.
  • –  TEG accomplishments and initiatives 2020 paper. Pat will report on this at the next meeting

    Motion to Adjourn:

– 10:09 am – Moved, seconded, unanimously approved. Respectfully submitted,

John Jordan, TEG Board Member-at-large