An Honorary Lifetime Members is awarded to an individual in the earthbuilding industry by the Board of Directors of TEG with the following criteria.  The person awarded this honor has contributed to the earthbuilding Industry in his or her lifetime in one or more of the following ways:

Advancement of Earthen Construction

1.  Research related to better understanding of earthen materials

2.  Development of earthen material technology

3.  Advancement in earthen engineering

Service to the Community

1.  Education

2.  Increase in public awareness and recognition of earthen construction

3.  Charitable and social benefit work

Service to the Trade and Organization

1.  Contribution to TEG as an organization

2.  Work enabling and serving earthen tradespeople and professionals

2012 Joe Tibbets

2014 Quentin Wilson

Born in 1943, Quentin Wilson made miniature adobe bricks at age 10. At age 27 he started repairing and building full-sized buildings ending up as a licensed construction contractor. Teaching weekend adobe and solar classes all along, he went full time at Northern New Mexico College and established their Adobe Construction Program at 52 and nominally retired at 67. His lifetime commitment to Adobes is deliberate and passionate.

2016 Simone Swan