TEG Newsletter – Issue #8

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 Earthen Legends  

The Earthbuilders’ Guild announces the Earthen Legends page on the TEG website to recognize those who have gone before and inspired the rest of us through their knowledge, experience and generosity of spirit.  Members are encouraged to nominate deceased candidates for this honor with a brief biography that encapsulates how the nominee fulfills any of the following criteria –Showed significant influence within their particular realm to advance and promote the use of earthen materials.  Profession must have been in the field of earthen construction – building homes, commercial building, adobe, SCEB or manufacturing of materials/products used in earthen construction, rammed earth.
– or -In the field of education – teaching earthen construction or author on the subject of earthen buildings/materials/architecture.  Architects, engineers and designers of earthen construction are eligible as well.
Submissions will be assessed by the Board of TEG on a case by case basis for inclusion on this page.  Please include a photograph with the submission. 

Jane Whitmire – The Earthbuilders Guild

TEG Tour – January 2020

January’s Tour took us back to builder Danny Martinez’s adobe home under construction.  His company, Casa del Sol Construction, has been building the home in Albuquerque for several months.  The walls are just about ready for plaster.  
TEG Tours are a bi-monthly event hosted by TEG.  Visit our website for details on the next Tour.  We visit new construction, historic preservation projects and interesting architectural buildings.  

Pat Martinez Rutherford

An Update on Earthbuilding Activities in Germany

In addition to being a TEG member, I am also a member of the Dachverband Lehm (German Earthbuilding Association) and follow their activities closely. Below is an overview of recent news that was reported to DVL members at the end of 2019:Thin coatings (earthen paints) now make up a large part of earthen product sales in Germany. These earthen paints are readily available and can be purchased at nationwide hardware stores.
Earthen plasters are now considered “normal” in Germany. More architects and planners are willing to use earthen plasters in their projects because the earthen plaster DIN standard (DIN 18947:2018-12) gives them the assurances they need that a high level of quality will be obtained. (Note: DIN Standards are the equivalent of the ASTM Standards in the USA).
Earthen plasters are now also listed in the standard (conventional) plaster DIN in Germany. This is a big step since it raises earthen plasters to the same level as cement, lime and gypsum plasters on a national level.
Earthen drywall panels have become a big seller in Germany and now also have their own DIN standard (DIN 18948:2018-12).
There has been a recent push in Germany to develop EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for earthen building products. The goal of these EPDs is the quantification of the sustainability of earthen building products. EPDs will be required for all building products in the near future in Germany so it is essential that this work is also carried out for earthen building products. See https://www.oekobaudat.de/en.html for more information about EPDs in Germany.
The Dachverband Lehm is holding its next earthbuilding conference -LEHM 2020 – from October 30 to November 1, 2020 in Weimar, Germany. The conference is bi-lingual (simultaneous German to English translation will be provided). More information can be found at:https://www.dachverband-lehm.de/lehm2020/conference

Kurt Gardella – TEG Board Member

Update from Colorado Earth – CEB Machinery from Mexico arrives Golden

Colorado Earth has forged a relationship with Ital-Mexicana, a manufacturing company based in Mexico City that produces compressed earth block machinery.  A new line of equipment has arrived in Golden, Colorado at the Colorado Earth site.  Soon the facility will have the capacity to produce 3,000 6″x12″ blocks per day.  For more information, please visit www.coloradoearth.com

Lisa Morey

Earthen Code Proposals Approved by the ICC

After more than a year of drafting, testimony and negotiation, two important code change proposals were approved in late December as part of the ICC’s Online Governmental Consensus Voting. The Cob Research Institute’sAppendix to the IRC provides building code guidance for the design and construction of cob residential buildings for the first time in the United States; a TEG sponsored proposal was also approved which prescribes vapor permeability requirements for earthen buildings, and introduces exterior clay plaster, lime plaster, and lime-cement plaster into the code for the first time. These new code provisions will appear in the 2021 I-codes. These proposals were the result of hundreds of hours of donated services and funding provided by the CRI and TEG and represents further evidence that earthen building is being recognized and respected within the national code organizations.

Ben Loescher

Adobe Certification Exam – May 2020

Don’t miss the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in adobe construction to your clients! 

The Earthbuilders’ Guild is offering the Adobe Proficiency Certification exam this coming May 15-16 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  There are still a few slots open for those interested.

For more information and the application form check the TEG website:


or email us at theearthbuildersguild@gmail.com.

Helen Levine

TEG Board of Directors Position Open

The Board has an opening available for a seat on the Board of Directors.  As taken from our Bylaws this is the information about the position.  We meet 6 times a year in various locations in New Mexico- primarily Albuquerque.  The position provides for many opportunities to network, keep informed, visit Earth building sites, and work with committed industry professionals.  Please submit your qualifications and a letter of interest to theearthbuildersguild.com.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We would welcome your participation. 

Helen Levine

TEG Honorary Membership Nominations

The Board of Directors is accepting nominations for Honorary Lifetime Membership in TEG.

Below is the Criteria.  Deadline for nominations is March 10, 2020.
Email your nomination to theearthbuildersguild@gmail.com

Honorary Lifetime Membership Criteria
One Honorary Lifetime Membership may be awarded to a member of the earthbuilding industry annually, with a two-thirds majority approval of the Board of Directors. Nominees should be submitted in writing to the Board by any member(s) in good standing, with a description as to why the nominee should receive this recognition, along with the material to substantiate the reasoning. The nominee should be of good character, meet TEG’s ethical standards and must meet at least two of the three criteria listed below for consideration. Submissions must be received by March 10th of 2020; the Board will announce its decision by the end March.

Advancement of Earthen Construction
• Research related to better understanding of earthen materials
• Development of earthen material technology
• Advancement in earthen engineering

Service to the Community
• Education
• Increase in public awareness and recognition of earthen construction
• Charitable and social benefit work

Service to the Trade and Organization
• Contribution to TEG as an organization
• Work enabling and serving earthen tradespeople and professionals

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