Adobe Classes – Fall 2020

ADOB 111 – Adobe Construction Basics
Dates: 8/24 to 10/17/2020 (8 weeks)
Format: Online
Course Description: History and overview of adobe construction
techniques. Topics include monumental structures and settlements
throughout the world and adobe practices that meet modern building
codes. Students will examine construction and design techniques from
foundation to roof. Students will make adobe bricks, build walls and
construct other building components.

ADOB 112 – Adobe Wall Construction
Dates: 10/19 to 12/12/2020 (8 weeks)
Format: Online
Course Description: An introduction to exterior and interior adobe wall
construction techniques. Students will learn the requirements for wall
thickness, height and foundation construction based on the New Mexico
Earthen Building Code. Topics include the installation of windows and
doors and lintels over openings, the construction of bond beams at the
top of walls, methods for the attachment of roof structural members and
design and construction of buttresses and arches.

ADOB 113 – Passive Solar Adobe Design
Dates: 10/19 to 12/12/2020 (8 weeks)
Format: Online
Course Description: The integration of passive solar heating systems
into the design of adobe homes. Topics include direct gain systems,
Trombe Wall (indirect gain) systems and greenhouses/sunspaces. Students
will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each system in order to
choose among them for use in different parts of a house or commercial
structure. Students will calculate the proper sizing of systems as well
as auxiliary back-up systems.

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