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New Membership Options!

As The Earthbuilders’ Guild moves forward we are offering new options for you to join. Check out the Membership tab. There is even a Free Option! We want your participation!

TEG Social Saturday, Sept. 17

The Earthbuilders’ Guild, the Southwest’s association of adobe construction and earthbuilding manufacturers, contractors and professionals, will hold a new-membership social on September 17th at 4:00 pm at the Aragon house 1235 Sunset Road SW, Albuquerque, 87105. Come see a newly-finished adobe house and meet with others interested in promoting the earthbuilding trades. Students welcome. For information and to RSVP contact Helen Levine at 505 898-1271 or

February 26, 2011 Meeting

Carl & Debra Clark of Southwest Adobe Supply in Las Cruces, NM

Joe Tibbits of Southwest Solar Adobe School

Saturday’s meeting

Looking forward to continuing our quest to become an organization of Earthbuilders!